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Alek Sandar’s latest release, “Terra”, has been reimagined by producer Ruff and its new rendition adds dimension to an already great track. The New Jersey-based producer has been keeping busy since the beginning of the pandemic and has released several tracks including his very popular “Self Sabotage”, "Without It", "Love Yourself", and "Reasons". His style shines bright in this new remix.

The original song featured a somber feel with elements of traditional eastern European sounds and vocal samples. The lyrics of the song play into this melancholic atmosphere that is further amplified by the combination of minor chords and pads/effects used in the chorus. Ruff decided to barely manipulate the vocals and left the general structure of the song intact. His edits came more in the shape of placing the song in a different sonic context.

Nick Ruffalo, or Ruff, added a brief introduction that successfully sets the tone for the whole song. He used the same chord progression throughout the first verse as well as the first part of the chorus. He then switched gears and about a minute in the listener is met with a deep, strong lyrical drop reminiscent of his work in his past project “Love Yourself”, but adapted to this darker theme. He also replaced a vocal sample that carried the originals song’s chorus with an electronic synthesized version that accomplishes a similar goal but is better suited for the new context.

Ruff’s version of this track is more stripped down than the original, letting the lyrics and general cadence take center stage and fall in between the grooves of his signature sound.

Alek Sandar - “Terra (Ruff Remix”, out now on all streaming platforms.

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