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Bulgarian superstar Alek Sandar released a new single this week titled “Terra”, and it does not fall short from his past hits. The New York based producer, singer is known around the world for his greatly successful collaborations with Juicy J, Andrea, Desi Slava, Amanda Lepore, and many more; as well as for his participation in Bulgaria’s celebrity “Big Brother” in 2016.

Some of his biggest singles include “Yerba”, "Hey Mami", "Ti Si Nai", "Zapali" and many more.

His latest track, “Terra”, features an incredibly spacious mix with elements of traditional eastern European vocals playing in the background through the chorus. The song’s lyrics present a tragic reality in the verses, which mix with more positive lyrics in the chorus offers a subtle contrast, also contrasting the intensity of the pads used and the recurring minor chords. The combination of these creates another hit from the pop idol that embodies his signature style in a fresh but familiar way.

The release comes accompanied by a visually stunning official music video recorded in New York. Alek has been working on this release for a little under a year and it is extremely clear he’s a rising star. Check out his latest venture, 'Alek's Many Worlds - Celebrity Land' on YouTube.

Alek Sandar - “Terra”, out now on all streaming platforms.

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