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For all the Adoni$ fans out there, the rapper is back with another single and here to show off another side of his music. “ROT” is a more serious hip-hop track that portrays time and existence as two entities conflicting with each other – time being the enemy. With a deep, boomy bassline, crisp Trap beat, and clever use of sampling, Adoni$ expertly taps into the tense feelings many of us may experience against time, especially with the hustle culture of today.

“ROT” displays Adoni$ own feelings towards his career as an artist and the pressure that he often feels due to his age in the industry. “As someone who started working on music in my late 20’s I know that the industry is one of predominantly younger artists. I’ve felt as If I’ve been limited on time to make my dreams come true so I made a track to Portray time as a villain I wish to vanquish,” he explains.

The instrumental for “ROT” remains pretty simple for the first half of the track, with just a bass guitar, kick and high hat under Adoni$’s vocals. As the song progresses, the layers become increasingly chaotic, with added vocal layers, adlibs, and a recurring sample of a loaded gun to mimic the chaos he feels when he starts to succumb to the stress of time. In the second verse Adoni$ also picks up the pace and shows off his impressive technique and skill by barely stopping for a breath, perhaps symbolic of his feelings that he doesn’t have a moment to spare in pushing forward his career.

“ROT” shares a story that we can all relate to – anyone who is chasing a dream knows the immense pressure of feeling like they need to make a grand achievement by a certain age. Adoni$ hopes to remind himself and other dreamers like him that the doors aren’t closed yet and encourages everyone to keep pushing forward and not indulge in the stress.

Adoni$ - “R.O.T.”, out now on all platforms.

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