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“N.G.K. (Never Gonna Know)”, is an RnB/hip-hop track that is here to remind you that Adoni$ did not come to play. With a simple instrumental, the emphasis is on the bars of the song that Adoni$ executes with skill.

The track features a simple, chill guitar groove, and starts with a loose beat that lets the song breathe. As the song progresses, a trap beat kicks in with a heavy bass drum. The first verse deals with the roughness of life, as he raps: “He ain’t getting nowhere being nice… What is your life if you ain’t gotta fight?” A simple, passive life is something that Adoni$ is simply “never gonna know.”

In his second verse, his cousin, Timo he switches up the flow many times, keeping things interesting. His lyrics radiate confidence, as he lets the listener know that he’s in charge. He doesn’t care about the haters; he’s gonna keep doing his thing and rise above them. He uses multiple different pop culture references, which besides being fun and creative, are also clever. Adoni$’s confidence is almost contagious when you listen to his lyrics. His bars are filled with personality that will keep you hooked and wanting more.

Adoni$’s “N.G.K. (Never Gonna Know)” is a track that’ll make you feel like a badass too, and will put you in the perfect mood to vibe. You’ll want to watch out for Adoni$’s next releases.

Adoni$ - “N.G.K.”, out now on all platforms.

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