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Adoni$ is back with another track and it’s definitely one you don’t want to sleep on. Bringing a more fun and hype vibe this time around, “Don’t Touch Me” is a hip-hop track that captures the spirit of being drunk and carefree. Both the instrumental and the lyrics work together to emulate the aura of grandeur and fearlessness one normally feels with the help of a little bit of liquid courage.

The song starts off with a solo piano melody – reminiscent of something you’d find in old school black and white film – and combined with Adoni$’s laughing adlibs it helps to set the mischievous tone that sets the foundation for the track. After the quick two-bar piano solo intro, the beat immediately drops with a classic trap beat and loud, boisterous bass that’s hard not to get hyped up to.

Much like his previous tracks, “Don’t Touch Me” highlights Adoni$’s pure wit when it comes to writing lyrics and demonstrates his versatility as an artist. The hook for the track is based on the popular poem opening “There once was a man from Nantucket”, which has become a staple in American humor with its numerous Rated R ending rhymes. “Don’t Touch Me” serves as Adoni$’s personal take on the poem, and he continues on to rap about all that he wants to achieve with a bold, yet nonchalant attitude.

“Don’t Touch Me” is a track that’s perfect for those with big dreams and ambitions, but might need a little burst of confidence or courage. Check it out on all streaming platforms linked below and be on the lookout for more hot releases from Adoni$.

Adoni$ - “Don't Touch Me", out now on all platforms.

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