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Alyse Vellturo, better known as pronoun, is a Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter and one-woman band. Her sound gravitates towards a synth-indie-pop melange. pronoun broke into the scene as a manager and even founded her label, Sleep Well Records.

Definitely an artist you need on your playlists ASAP!

Emmett Kai

With a sound that pulls in elements of shoegaze, R&B, punk, and glam, Emmett Kai has begun to make a name for himself as an artist and a producer. Not only has he produced for artists such as Julietta and Miserable, but he has also been featured in TV shows and even scored a documentary for New Yorker Magazine.

Katie Von Schleicher

Katie Von Schleicher produces a pop sound unlike anybody else! The captivating sounds provide the perfect catalyst for the sometimes dark emotions hidden within her lyrics. This Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter pairs lo-fi and bluesy tracks with a tape-based production style. The first song I heard was ‘Nowhere’ and 3 seconds in I added it to my playlist. It's that good.

Argonaut & Wasp

Argonaut & Wasp make music perfect for NYC. Taking full advantage of the resurgence of 80s sounds, this indie group funky sound is the perfect escape from reality.

Holy Hive

Holy Hive is what happens when a soul-funk drummer and a folk singer become friends. This Queens-based folk-soul duo creates tracks that remind me of the tranquility of nature. Combining a 60s soul sound with emotive lyrics about love, loss, and everything in between, Holy Hive crafts a picturesque soundtrack.


If you are a fan of genre-blending techno with delicate yet harsh elements, look no further than HOKO. Not only does this band release some of the most intricate sounding tracks, but the visuals are also stunning.

Deem Spencer

As someone who is a fan of hip hop with a more electronic flare, Deem Spencer is an emerging artist that ended up on my list within the first 30 seconds of “shorty, Pt. 3.” This artist’s sound is one of the most uniquely captivating hip hop sounds that I have heard in a while.

a kid named rufus

Lo-fi electronic music with elements of pop is how I would describe the sound of a kid named rufus. One song in, I was transported to summer. This light and airy electronic artist belongs on your chill playlists.

Fiona Silver

Born and raised in New York City, Fiona Silver encompasses everything from punk to rock to pop and creates a simile vintage vibe within her music. It is an edgy, raw, and gritty combination that is amplified by her powerhouse vocals.

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