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8 Graves pulls together tracks that elicit a uniquely electronic alternative experience. The lyrics are raw and hard-hitting. This makes this duo’s music perfect for everything from driving to working out!

CAL may just be the epitome of easy listening. The tracks make you feel good inside and out. Don’t believe me? Just listen to the first minute of his melodic cover of “Whatever You Like”.

Currently based out of Brooklyn, NY, James Cooley creates music under the name ‘Mesita’. The singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist create indie tracks that can transport you to a headspace of tranquility and relaxation.

The Muckers are a fresh face that the NYC rock scene needs. And they have begun to make a name for themselves. Moving from Iran to New York to pursue his dreams of making music, the band’s frontman Emir Mohseni met the 3 other members (Anthony Azarmgin on bass, Chris Cawley on rhythm guitar, and John Zimmerman on drums) and began to create exceptional rock music that is challenging the constraints of the genre.

I consider Meyru an expert in making sad music. “She” was especially heart-wrenching. This band pulls together melodic instrumentals with expertly crafted lyrics and is a must-listen for fans of indie rock!

This Brooklyn-based indie rock band has mastered the art of feel-good indie. My favorite of their songs is “Post Grad”, an upbeat and nostalgic track about moving on.

This band describes themselves as a “conundrum”. Hailing from Brooklyn, Personal Space is an indie band with an eccentric-punk-baroque pop vibe. Their music is a reflection of the times we live in, filled equally with hope and existential dread.

Noams is an artist who refuses to be contained by the walls of genre. With tracks ranging from the realms of lo-fi hip-hop, trap, and pop, Noams can expertly layer his music full of emotion and complex yet ever-changing sound. While the music he creates is mainly instrumental, it evokes powerful feelings and the ability to tap into specific memories.

Razor Braids is an entirely female group whose songs serve as a perfect depiction and reflection of the female experience. This band pulls from a wide variety of genres and decades, primarily crafting a punk and alternative electric feel. Their debut track “Nashville” is a necessity on any playlist!

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