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Okay… I know what you’re thinking. But, yes, these books can still be extremely valuable. Whether you are an artist, a label, a manager, or anyone involved in the industry, reading these (especially No. 1) will extend your knowledge of how the music business works.

Get More Fans: The DIY Guide to the New Music Business by Jesse Cannon

The 7th edition of the already popular music business book, “Get More Fans: The DIY Guide to the New Music Business,” shares information on promoting music using social media. From Youtube, and Instagram, to Facebook ads, to Soundcloud and Spotify, this book helps you navigate it all. All this on a small budget too.

Artist Management for the Music Business by Paul Allen

This book will cover everything you need to know about the managing/promoting side of the industry. If there is a talent that you have found interest in, Paul Allen’s “Artist Management for the Music Business” is a must. From strategic planning, branding, creating multiple streams of income, advertising, and more; this book is more than about what needs to be done to succeed in the music business.

Music Money and Success 8th Edition: The Insider’s Guide to Making Money in the Music Business by Jeff Brabec and Todd Brabec

In this industry, knowledge is power. This book talks about contracts, big money decisions, small money decisions, placements, and more. Utilizing organizations like ASCAP BMI and SESAC to get music into video games, television, films, and other streams of media and entertainment. This book is fundamental to making the most out of all the music that you’re making.

How to Make It in the New Music Business by Ari Herstand

The runner-up on this list, much like the first, is an absolute essential. Ari Herstand shares his experiences in navigating the industry, but more specifically: mastering social media, merchandising, using grass-roots methods to build up a fan base. Ari is an extremely intelligent mind and his story is worth learning from.

All You Need to Know About the Music Business: 10th Edition by Donald S Passman

Ahh, the holy grail of the industry. Donald Passman’s, “All You Need to Know About the Music Business” is the go-to’s of all go-to’s when it comes to learning what’s what in music. Often proclaimed the Bible of the business, this book covers everything from streams, record deals, contracts, commissions, fees, publishing, copyrights, merchandising, and so much more. You should want to read this book if you want to be in music.

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