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Breaking through an industry that is chock-full of bound-breaking EDM geniuses like Marshmallow, Calvin Harris, Tiesto, shows what true talent someone must display to the world to commandingly earn their place. With stable growth and an anticipated burst of expansion of EDM music in 2021, here are 3 artists that are truly on the rise. Even if you’ve never listened to an electronic dance track before, these records are worth your time listening to.

1. Niles Shepard

In early 2018, friends Jim Brenk, and Cameron Dickison two Minnesota-based producers, joined creative forces to form Niles Shepard and take on their EDM dreams together. After quick success through Electric Forest Discovery project song submission competition, the two began preparing for their show at E-Forest. The track

The Track “Moon Man” a disco-style house track won them their top-two spot in this competition.

The Chicago House sound is very prevalent in Niles Shepard’s sound, with a classic nostalgic feel of what dance house should be. The two have caught the attention of LA-based producers like Juaz, and managers such as Alyssa Burgess, that The pair continue to make waves in the industry and their streams are truly beginning to reflect what they’ve been up to. Keep your eyes on Niles Shepard.

2. Nick Siarom

A well-versed techno producer since the age of 14 from Brazil, Nick Siarom has now begun releasing his stuff, after gaining credits on labels like Audiophile XXL and Muzica records.

As a young and energetic artist, himself, his music follows suit. Fast, percussion-driven beats, with heavy bass that make you want to dance, his growing artist profile is only bound to make big leaps during this year. Make sure you look out for Nick Siarom in 2021.

3. Avira

Avira has a more significant musical profile than the previous two artists and has truly made his mark in the EDM world already. Avira has a little ways to go to reach the same numbers as the top placing techno producers but is on a legit path to becoming a household name. “Mask,” “Illusion,” and “Hollow,” are his biggest tracks; and for some reason.

Thumping mixes, with exceptional sound choice, Avira’s tracks can be listened to for hours at a time. Exciting transitions, and extreme diversity in dynamics and depth, true masterpieces are coming out of Avira’s studio. Do not be surprised when you see his name attached to some of the biggest tracks in the EDM world.

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