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Macula Dog is an experimental pop group from Queens that has an arty performance flare. Although it is a duo made up of Mark Matthers and Ben Mendelewicz, they refer to themselves as a “four-person electronic duo” because they perform with mannequins strapped to their backs. Their tracks typically feature a messy sound, with scrambled vocals and funky arrangements to create put-out tracks, unlike anything you have ever heard.

Born and raised in New York City, mars as a girl struggled to fit into the mold of the pop-punk genre. This is what drove her to pave her own path as a self-described “goth-pop” artist, creating music that is full of emotion, described as an artist that is “unafraid to bare her soul to the masses.”

What’s cooler than an artist who has a vampire cult following? Eve Minor is an independent NYC artist who fuses sounds from metal, trap, punk, and industrial sounds to create an eerily unique sound. This reinvention of sound is what her cult following (known as The Militia) refers to as “Screw Gaze.”

With a passion for producing for many up-and-coming artists, Killer Bee has become one himself. Pulling elements of lofi hip hop, electronica, vaporwave, and dream hop together, he pushes the boundaries of the hip hop genre to create dreamy samples with crazy drum sequences that listeners will be sure to keep coming back to.

Balou is a quadruple threat: writer, producer, actor, and model. In his music, he has crafted a sound that brings a new and refreshing change to the hip hop genre. His passion and dedication to his art leaps from the lyrics.

Getting her start as a model in NYC, Mallory Merk is an artist whose songwriting is like a public diary. Although her lyrics often document and discuss struggles she has faced, it is in a gracious and reflective way. Her soft rock sound is best described as comforting, relaxed, and aware.

Like many college artists trying to make a name for themselves, Gaea’s studio is her dorm room. The singer, songwriter, and self-taught producer puts out tracks that are rooted in soul and RnB. According to her Spotify description, Gaea draws her inspiration from “nature, women, and love that surrounds her.”

Diet Cig’s music is a fusion of almost every subgenre of pop that it is hard to pinpoint exactly what you’re hearing. Titering on the verge of pop-punk while maintaining the fun, upbeat sound of indie pop, the duo is categorized as alternative rock. The tracks are fun, relatable and the lyrics are extremely catchy!

High Waisted is reimagining 60’s garage rock for a modern audience. The psychedelic tracks serve as anthems full of hope and strength, vocalized by Jessica Louise Dye and all backed by Jono Bernstein’s vintage drum.

Born and raised in NYC, Blu DeTiger quickly accumulated TikTok fame by slaying the bass guitar to popular sounds on the app. After acquiring 1 million followers, her single, “Figure It Out” released last year hit viral status in 31 countries. On top of this Tik Tok fame, Blu has been in the NYC club and fashion scene since she began DJing at the age of 17.

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