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Need some new artists and DJs to add to your repertoire? Check out 10 of New York’s very own who are making massive strides in their respective scenes!


Going by the alias MORENXXX, 23-year-old Brooklyn-based DJ Jesus Hilario-Reyes has developed sets unlike any other. On their Soundcloud, MORENXXX describes their mixes as “a crossroad between sonic performance and storytelling”, using primarily electronic and Caribbean sounds.


Getting her start in open format DJing, Wenzday brings her unique twist to the bass house scene. She is known for using her variety of styles, her ability to create infectious energy in her sound is unmatched. Wenzday’s tracks will transport you onto the dance floor!


Launching into the spotlight due to a recent sign to Phoebe Bridgers’ new label Saddest Factory Records, Claud has captured the attention of indie rock fans. Their debut release, Super Monster, features an array of sounds blending in some of the funniest tracks you have ever heard.


Brooklyn-based DJ Antpuke creates uniquely trippy tracks that are fun to listen to. Elements of pop and electronic sounds fuse to create an almost whimsical listening experience.


New York natives Hana Ellion and JJ Mitchell joined forces to create alternative masterpieces. The duo known as Overcoats refers to their music on their Spotify page as “battle cries” that are meant to inspire their listeners to pick themselves up.


23-year-old DONIS grew up in a musical household and has been creating ever since. The Brooklyn native combines underground house with a club sound to craft mixes, unlike anything you’ve heard before.

Pom Pom Squad

Fronted by Mia Berrin, this Brooklyn-based band combines punk with vulnerability. Pom Pom Squad is a series of yells, whispers, witty lyrics, and clashing guitars meshing together to create a quiet grrrl punk sound.


Born and raised in New York City, Tyler Morris is a force to be reckoned with in the tech-house scene. Known as Westend, his club-ready tracks are packed full of funky beats that have gotten him recognition from big names like Claude Van Stroke and Martin Solveig.


In a pre-pandemic world, you would find Codes packing dancefloors with his hypnotizing tracks. Bringing together hip hop under the precision of a talented DJ, the description on his Soundcloud sums it up best, stating that his goal in music is to “create a fun vibe that lingers long after he has left the stage”!

Satori “Peggie” Sinclair

Satori “Peggie” Sinclair used the pandemic as a catalyst to discover her desired sound. What she landed on was a captivatingly electric style of DJing.

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