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If you are looking for a new badass woman to add to your playlist, look no further than Samia! Her stunning vocals combine with the hypnotizing instrumentals featured in her tracks nail it every single time. The lyrics are heart-wrenching and catchy at the same time, with my favorite being, “I got bad news but I didn’t fight”.

Jackson Lundy

As jazz emerges back into the modern music sphere, Jackson Lundy embodies the relaxing nature and general grooviness of it all! The melodic and calming piano riffs allow for the vocals to shine through and then horns take over to craft that authentic jazz sound.

The Lemon Twigs

Brothers Brian and Micheal D’Addario make up the power-pop duo The Lemon Twigs! Combining a 70s inspired sound with elements of musical theatre and a knack for over-the-top performances, this duo produces an effortlessly standout Baroque pop sound.


Based in New York, Sipper creates a delicate collection of sounds that is tied together with hazy vocals that are designed to make you feel good. This band is set apart by their meticulous lyrical talent, including a track called ‘Adam Driver’, that unpacks the highs and lows of making a hero out of a movie star

Hadji Gaviota

Hadjji Gaviota is a singer, songwriter, and rapper whose songs radiate the same vibes as a warm summer day. This artist resides in the middle ground between rap and bedroom pop for the ideal easy listening experience.


The reinvented and uncensored 60s girl group of your dreams! Habibi brings in a sonic, electric sound to put a modern and far gloomier twist on the sounds of the 60s. The lyrics ring honestly queries about being alive and grounding yourself in your experiences.


LPX has established herself as an NYC DIY staple. Sitting perfectly at the intersection of alt-pop and electronic, her sound is completely her own and ever-changing as she plays around with elements of punk, grunge, new wave, and whatever else she can!

chloe mk

chloe mk is a fresh and fun pop artist who is quickly leaving their mark. Matching catchy lyrics to dreamy electronica tracks, this artist is a necessary addition to any spring playlist!

Adeline Hotel

Soft, beautiful, and spacious, Adeline Hotel encapsulates everything enticing about modern folk music.

Rafiq Bhatia

Pulling inspiration from greats such as Duke Ellington, Rafiq Bhatia’s music reinstates a nostalgia for the jazz of the past while having the ability to captivate audiences with a sound that is completely his own. The sound can be described as not only vibrant but on the cusp of otherworldly.

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